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873 Training chairs

“No grand idea was ever born in a conference, but a lot of foolish ideas have died there.” (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
To outfit a conference hall or multifunctional halls, meeting rooms, informal theatres for film projections you need comfortable chairs. Following a conference on an uncomfortable chair is stressful and can lead to distraction. The attention threshold decreases in case of wrong postures or physical strain. Choosing the right seats is essential to create an ideal listening space. Conference chairs will have to be ergonomical to adapt to whatever body size, and must have a comfortable seat and a flexible seatback. Depending on its use, you can choose different conference chair models. Writing tablet conference chairs, for example, have a convenient tray where you can write on a notepad. The tray can be closed when not needed. These chairs are suitable for larger rooms where it’s impossible to fit all the participants around a table. Armrest conference chairs are useful in case of long meetings. Stackable conference chairs are very useful for multifunctional halls where other activities besides conferences or meetings take place. They can be moved around easily, placed in the usage area in a variable number and then stored away when not needed.

Don’t underestimate the importance of materials. You need to take into account comfort, style, usage area (indoors or outdoors). Fabric conference chairs have the seat and sometimes also the seatback upholstered. They’re really comfortable and make the hall more welcoming and stylish. They’re hard to clean in case of stains but the newest anti-stain fabrics can solve the problem. Plastic conference chairs are suited for less formal places and they’re less comfortable but easier to maintain and to clean. New techno-polymers allow the creation of super thin upholstery and so plastic chairs also become comfortable besides being practical. In representative rooms, instead, leather conference chairs together with an elegant meeting table are to be preferred.

To complete the outfit of a conference hall you need a table of the right size to accommodate the speakers. It will be placed in central – back position and at a higher level respect to the audience. Curtains, simple decorations on the walls and plants will make the room interesting, welcoming and relaxing. The hall will have to have all necessary media installations: computer, TV, audio and TV airing devices, microphones, cameras and projectors. One thing is fundamental: the acoustics and the lighting of the hall will have to be designed carefully to create a perfect conference area. ... More ... less


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