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1,202 Garden side tables

”Kiss! Hollylock in the garden of caresses!” (Paul Verlain)
An outdoor living area can’t be defined as such without a garden side table that combines aesthetics and functionality in one piece of furniture. Garden side tables, indeed, function as a support surface for your beverage tray and for the docking station to listen to music from your smartphone completing the set with outdoor seats whether armchairs, easy chairs or sofas.
To choose the right garden side table for your garden, patio or terrace measure up the available space. Always remember that size and proportions are essential because choosing an undersized garden side table will simply take space without giving enough supporting surface while an oversized one will make the outdoor space dificult to use. More, shape and height must be chosen taking into account their position in relation to the seat. Rectangular garden side tables are perfect if placed in front of the sofa, in a central position, at about 50 cm from the edge, ensuring a comfortable walking space. A tall square garden side table, placed beside the sofa, next to the armrest, will be an original support for your plant or lamp. Large round garden side tables made of colored rope, besides being convenient supports for bath towels, can become funny seats.

Quality garden tables are made with resistant and durable materials that are also suited for whatever style or need. Wooden garden side tables, with natural finishing to avoid unattractive color changes caused by sunrays are a garden classic. The most used wood for this furniture is teak, iroko as well as rattan and wicker for the most traditional models. Plastic garden side tables made of polyethilene, polycarbonate or synthetic rattan are light, versatile and can be made in many shapes and colors. More, technology research enhanced these materials making them resistant to harsh weather conditions or intense sunray exposure thus becoming a valid alternative to wood and metal.

Classic or modern? Your garden side table should blend with the rest of your outdoor furniture, so choose carefully the right style. Inlaid wood, wrought iron and wicker for the classic style garden side tables. In more informal gardens, innovative materials, unusual shapes and colors wil make your contemporary style garden side tables bright, giving the living area of your garden that special designer’s touch! ... More ... less


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