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110 Garden gazebos

Garden gazebos can have wood, metal, steel, fabrics and plastic structures and are among the accessories that help enjoy the outdoor spaces the most, even in the hottest hours and all the year round. Gazebos play the double function of creating shadowed spots in the open air, so to make the outdoor more pleasant to live in, and of decorating it with modern design models or classic looking solutions. From traditional wood gazebos to steel gazebos, there are endless choices available to be matched with a multitude of external contexts, from particularly large external areas to smaller spaces to be furnished with compact models.

Gardens gazebos: a nook to relax

A gazebo is an ideal element for an outdoor living space, as it creates a spot where to chill out and an area in the shade that allows to enjoy the outdoor even during the hottest hours. One of the most popular models is wrought iron gazebo, while an aluminium gazebo decorates the outdoor in a versatile manner, fitting in a space with a high-tech design. To furnish an outdoor on the poolside, fabric gazebos are particularly recommended and allow to range from canvas to synthetic fiber and Dacron?.

Outdoor gazebos fusing aesthetics and functionality

Thanks to innovations and progresses in design it’s been possible to obtain increasingly resistant gazebos and extra-equipped models. Among those, there are gazebos with built-in lights: generally iron, steel or wrought iron-made, they make the outdoor incredibly agreeable at night, without any need of a secondary lighting system, as this is already integrated in the gazebo structure. A new trend consists in cooling gazebos, equipped with a nebulizer to cool down in the hottest days.

How to experience your outdoor area. Garden gazebos for all tastes

Everything depends on how you experience your outdoor area. It’s based on that that you can choose the gazebo suitable to the space to be furnished. Among the most interesting options there certainly are gazebos with benches, allowing you to sit and chill in the shade thanks to their comfortable integrated sits. New and more resistant fabrics have led to the creation of gazebos with sliding covers, standing the test of atmospheric agents and allowing to play with light and shadow, thus able to protect from the strong sun with covers made of synthetic fibers, polyester, or acrylic. ... More ... less
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