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63 Deck chairs

”On the cruise ship of life, Charlie Brown, which way is your deck chair facing?” (Lucy Van Pelt, Peanuts’ Character, Charles M. Schulz)
The deck chair was invented by John Moore, a British businessman, in 1886. Its name comes from its principal use on cruise ships’ decks. The cruise ship was the only long range means of transport between the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century. The deck chair became immediately popular thanks to their installation, transportation and storage ease as well as their comfort. First class passengers that wanted to enjoy their journey on the deck could move their chairs and place them wherever they wanted with ease.
They’re more comfortable than normal chairs and more practical than beds. The deck chair plays the starring role on beaches all over the world. It can be found in gardens, on terraces and by the pool where you can enjoy the sun in total relax. The deck chair, thanks to its shape, lets you sit in a semi-lying position reading a book or chatting with friends. How to choose the one that suits you?

You may find several models on the market. It just comes down to how you are going to use it. From the light easily foldable versions that you can bring on the beach to the solid and resistant ones that can stay in an open position for a long time. However, no matter which model you choose, a good deck chair must always have a conveniently foldable structure which lets you save storage space when not in use, canvas seat and seatback providing enough support for your body and easy to fix as well as an adjustable seatback. Deck chairs are inexpensive, they can be easily stored (horizontally or vertically according to the available space), they are easy to carry around when going for a pic-nic thanks to their limited encumbrance. Moreover, deck chairs are surprisingly comfortable because the seat and seatback material easily adapt to whomever’s body without annoying pressure points. The enveloping nature of the seat, similar to a hammock, embraces you comfortably. Thanks to its simple design the canvas can be easily changed when worn out at a low price.

Which materials you want your deck chair to be made of? Usually the structure of the most common deck chairs is made of wood, metal, resin or plastic. The wooden deck chairs are among the sturdiest ones if adequately treated with natural oils. If left outdoors, they need to be protected only in case of heavy rainfalls because covering them with plastic will probably make mold on them. It’s better to choose non varnished wooden structures because color may fade away when exposed to sunlight and they would require annual paint jobs. The most used woods for deck chairs are pine, oak and teak which are chosen for their resistance to harsh weather conditions. The metal deck chairs, steel for the solider ones and aluminum for the lighter ones are both resistant and easily transportable. As an alternative you can choose plastic ones which are easy to clean but less resistant and durable compared to the wooden and metal ones. Deck chair seats are made of canvas: polyester, cotton, nylon or linen. Taking into account that they’re mostly used in summer you may want to choose natural fabrics which are more breathable compared to synthetic ones. There are also modern technical-use fabrics such as Batyline? or Sunbrella? which are abrasion and sunray resistant, waterproof , washable and available in many colors. Color is an important factor in choosing the right deck chair. If you want to put them in full sun you may want to choose a color that reflects sunlight. If put in the shade like on a patio or an arbor, choose a dark colored, elegant wooden model.

Among the accessories that can be matched with the deck chairs there are armrests, footrests and headrest cushions. The armrests are convenient because you can rest your arms during your relaxing moments. The footrests can create a better seating angle and they are adjustable according to the users’ height. The headrest cushion provides support for the cervical vertebrae and avoid abnormal neck rotations.

You can add a touch of style to your deck chair as well! Classical deck chairs have foldable wooden structures and striped canvas seats or they have vertical wooden slats for the seat with an integrated footrest. If you prefer a more modern style, you may choose a designer deck chair with metal structure and technical fabric seat. Why not choosing a model designed by Pininfarina to surprise your guests with ultra-sophisticated lines and hi-tech materials? ... More ... less
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